Are you unhappy with the way things are?

Maybe you are tired of your current job, financial condition, relationships or lifestyle. What used to bring you satisfaction years ago, no longer fulfills or satisfy you. You feel as if something is missing but you don't know what that is.

Or maybe you do know what is missing. Maybe you want a different kind of relationship, a new car, a new house or a new job. Maybe you long to start a new business, start a new career, or travel and move to a new country.

You've watched The Secret, studied the Law of Attraction and started visualizing the new reality you want to manifest. BUT, it's not working. Your reality is still the same. So you feel even more frustrated and wonder what is wrong with you. Why can't you have what you want?

The main reason why most people fail to manifest a new reality is because they are leaving out the most important part of the deliberate creation process: the heart.

Consider the following three facts:


FACT 1: Everything is made of electromagnetic energy.

The chair you are sitting on, a rock, your physical body… it is all made of energy, specifically, electromagnetic energy. At the subatomic level, all matter is ultimately made up of particles or waves of energy moving at high-speed.

FACT 2: Your heart generates the largest electromagnetic field.

Scientific research in the field of neuro-cardiology, and toroidal energy systems suggests that the human heart is the largest generator of electro-magnetic energy in your body. Each pulsating wave generated by your heart is at least 1,000 times more powerful energetically than those generated by the brain.

FACT 3:  The key to manifesting the life you want is in your heart.

Contrary to popular belief and many reality creation paradigms, thoughts alone do not manifest. This is one of the reasons the information in the movie The Secret did not work for many people. What drives the manifestation process is emotion. Your emotions don’t only drive your behavior, but also have the capacity to attract people, events and circumstances to your life.

With this in mind, Heart Intelligence Coach Gabriel Gonsalves has put together for you a simple, and very comprehensive program to help you reinvent yourself and create a new reality using the intelligence, wisdom and power of your heart.

The Manifesting from the Heart Program is his invitation for you to learn a proven framework for reality manifestation that leverages the power of your emotions to help you raise your vibrational frequency and turn you into a magnet that will attract towards you the life you want.

The reality you’ve been longing to experience, that new job, career, relationship, lifestyle is possible and easily available to you when  you make the conscious decision to activate the dormant forces within your own heart!

You'll love this program if you want to

The Manifesting from the Heart Course is for you if you're ready to experience a higher level of personal satisfaction and you want to:

Discover and Live your Life’s Purpose

  • Discover the deepest motivations and values that drive your life
  • Find more freedom to focus on the work you love and excel at
  • Express yourself more fully and authentically

Consciously Design a Lifestyle that you Love

  • Live such that your work and lifestyle is an authentic expression of who you are
  • Create realistic action plans and accomplish them
  • Learn the mindsets, strategies, and tactics that will manifest your new reality quicker

Attract more Loving, Supportive Relationships

  • Be part a community of conscious men and women to grow and learn with
  • Create massive impact and meaning for the people around you
  • Feel more connected to others, and build deeper, more loving relationship

Improve physical, mental, emotional wellbeing

  • Manage negative emotions, and build a reservoir of positive emotions
  • Consciously shift to improved emotional states that support healing
  • Experience greater vitality, resilience, and vitality

Develop your Intuition, and access to Spirit, God, or Source

  • Live your life more consciously and in the present moment
  • Access the Inner Wisdom and Guidance of your Heart in making important decisions
  • Reach new levels of creativity, problem-solving, and higher order of thinking

We will focus on these four key areas of your life

What would you LOVE to create in each one of these 4 areas or dimensions of your life?

Health and Wellness
Improve overall physical health and gain access to greater levels of energy and resilience to manifest your desired goals.

Career and Success
Learn practical tools to accelerate your learning and increase mental focus and concentration for continued success.

Love and Relationships
Manage negative emotions, and feel more peaceful and loving each day, thus attracting and maintaining healthier, more loving relationships.

Spiritual Growth
Learn new spiritual tools and practices that help you achieve higher levels of intuition and guidance and feel more connected to your Source.


Here's what you will learn

Each lesson will build harmoniously upon the next so that you’ll develop a complete, holistic understanding of the practices, tools, and principles you’ll need to manifest a new reality using the intelligence and the power of your heart.

MODULE 1: Activating the Law of the Heart
In this introductory lesson, you’ll learn all the operating principles behind The Law of the Heart and take the first step that is necessary in order to effect, deep, transformative change in your life: Making Peace with the Present Moment.

MODULE 2: Catching your Heart’s Vision
The journey to Manifesting from the Heart begins by catching or seizing the vision that is already contained within your own heart. And with this vision, you’ll also discover the fuel, or purpose behind it as a key element for manifesting it into your life.

MODULE 3: Cultivating your Heartset & Mindset
Beliefs are made of both thoughts and emotions. In this lesson, we’ll explore together the core emotions that drive your vision, and discover the mindset that you will need in order to allow this vision to manifest in your life.

MODULE 4: Building the Strategy and Skillset
“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” During this fourth lesson, you’ll develop the plan, strategy or map that will guide you towards your heart’s desires. You’ll also take an inventory of the skills that you’ll need to develop along your journey.

MODULE 5: Using the Heart’s Power for Focus
In this lesson, you’ll learn proven practices and techniques to access your heart’s power to develop the necessary focus and concentration that will see your vision through. Consistently focusing on those activities that yield the highest results and accelerate your success.

MODULE 6: Accessing Intuition and Taking Action
Your heart is the central information system that can literally act as a living G.P.S. to help guide you towards your desires. In this module, you’ll learn how to access this system, in order to determine the next inspired action that will achieve your results.

MODULE 7: Manifesting the Desires of your Heart
In this final lesson, we’ll focus on the integration and embodiment of all you have learned during the course. You’ll also learn a group of movement practices, that will help you build your heart’s electromagnetic energy each day.

Will this program work for you?

Here's what some of the people who have learned this manifestation process have to say:

"At first, I was a bit skeptical about doing this work. Gabriel emphasized the inner work over the external work, and being an entertainment business myself I kept thinking it was all about doing, doing, doing. But it was when I started 'being' love, that's when Xavier walked into my life." ~ Lu Chase

"With the help of Gabriel's love, patience, acceptance, guidance and heart-opening processes I was able to move past the blockages that were keeping me stuck and with a closed heart. Once I started doing this work, and I got clear about what I truly wanted, then my one finally showed up." ~ Rene Nel

After working with Gabriel and learning how to open their hearts to love these individuals took their love life and current relationships to levels they never thought possible. And if you follow the steps outlined in the Manifesting from the Heart Program, you will too.

By participating in this course you will...

  • Feel more confident and optimistic about your ability to manifest your desires
  • Feel more connected and in alignment with your life's purpose
  • Feel more connected to the intuitive Higher intelligence guiding your life
  • Feel more creative and experience greater mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Experience 'instant manifestations' as part of your everyday life

More importantly, you'll be well on your way towards manifesting all those desires that your heart has been longing for!

Here's what you will receive

The course is delivered through video webinars, downloadable audios, and worksheets. You’ll also be able to connect with other course participants in a private members area.

Once you register, you'll receive instant access to:

  • The 7 Lesson Manifesting from the Heart Course
  • MP3 Audio Downloads
  • Worksheets & Slide Presentations
  • The 9 Manifesting from the Heart Practices
  • The 9 Manifesting from the Heart Tools
  • Private community area

All of the course materials are easily accessible from any computer, smartphone, iPhone or tablet.


Are you ready to create the life you really want?

The materials in this course draw from Gabriel's rigorous scientific, philosophical, and spiritual studies in the field of Heart Intelligence as well as his experience coaching, mentoring and counseling thousands of people who wanted to re-invent themselves and manifest their ideal lifestyle.

The processes, tools, and techniques you'll be learning in this course will change the way you see your world. And when you change the way you see and feel about your world, your world changes. Therefore, expect many positive changes in all areas of your life.

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