Are you frustrated with your love life?

Are you tired of feeling lonely and not knowing how to go about attracting a romantic partner or soulmate? Maybe you've been single for a long time and have lost hope of finding love again? Or maybe, you feel as if your heart is closed and you struggling to attract love?

photo-1433588641602-7c1083c4f0e2If you've answered yes to any of these questions, there are three very important facts I'd like you to consider today:

FACT 1: It's never too late to find love.

More and more people these days are finding true love later in life, even after being single for a long time. If you have a deep desire to experience soulmate love, God gave you that desire so that it would be fulfilled. You can have Soulmate love by first opening to the possibility that this love exists and making the decision to manifest it in your life.

FACT 2: There's nothing wrong with you.

The Sufi poet Rumi once said regarding love that our "task is not to seek love, but merely to find all the barriers within ourselves that we have built against it.” What this says is that there's nothing wrong with you. You just have to release any internal barriers that are keeping you welcoming love into your life.

FACT 3:  The key to attracting the love is in your heart.

Your heart generates the largest electromagnetic field of your body. This field, when consciously expanded, will not only help you heal past emotional wounds but also increase your energetic 'love' vibration literally turning you into a 'Love Magnet'.

With this in mind, Heart Intelligence Coach Gabriel Gonsalves has put together for you a simple, and very comprehensive program to help you open your heart so that you can finally welcome your ideal partner, lover or soulmate.

The Manifesting Soulmate Love Program is his invitation to you, to learn the seven steps to becoming a love magnet and attract the love you want.

Become a Love Magnet in 28-Days

The 28-Day Manifesting Soulmate Love Program is a great way to start clearing your blocks to love and get you ready to manifest your ideal relationship with your partner, lover, or soulmate.

  • You start on any day you choose and spend the next 28 days taking powerful small steps
  • Each day includes a series of activities and action steps that are easily done in 20 minutes or less from the comfort of your home.
  • The program will help you gain greater clarity about the relationship you want, and open your heart and mind to new possibilities.
  • You'll learn how to remove the blocks that are keeping you welcoming love.
  • You’ll receive downloadable files in PDF and MP3 audio format.

As a result of going through this program, not only will your love life improve, but as a side-effect, your career, money, and family life will too. Basically, ALL areas of your life will improve!

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You'll Love this Program if...

  • You're tired of feeling lonely and not knowing how to go about attracting your ideal partner, lover or soulmate
  • You've been single for a while and you're feeling insecure about your ability to find love.
  • You're struggling to let go of a past relationship after breakup or divorce
  • You feel your heart is closed and you struggle to let others in
  • You're ready to try something different and finally start getting new results
  • You're ready to open your heart and literally become a Love Magnet!

This is What you'll Receive

Once you register for this program, you'll receive instant access to:

ebook The MSL eBook This 41-page ebook is filled with wisdom, suggestions, and many tips to help you along your journey towards manifesting your romantic partner or soulmate.
workbook The MSL Workbook This is a 28-Day action plan for love that will guide you towards your Soulmate! The workbook contains daily exercises that will take you 20 minutes or less..
ML-Audios The Audio Version Listen to the MP3 audio version of the ebook narrated by Gabriel from the convenience of your computer, iPod, iPad or any mobile phone or device.
MF-Meditations Two Guided Meditations Listen to two powerful, heart-centered, guided meditations in MP3 format: 'The Soulmate Call' and 'Visioning for your Soulmate.'

Will this program work for you?

Here's what some of the people who have found their soulmate after doing this work have to say:

"At first, I was a bit skeptical about doing this work. Gabriel emphasized the inner work over the external work, and being an entertainment business myself I kept thinking it was all about doing, doing, doing. But it was when I started 'being' love, that's when Xavier walked into my life." ~ Lu Chase

"With the help of Gabriel's love, patience, acceptance, guidance and heart-opening processes I was able to move past the blockages that were keeping me stuck and with a closed heart. Once I started doing this work, and I got clear about what I truly wanted, then my one finally showed up." ~ Rene Nel

After working with Gabriel and learning how to open their hearts to love these individuals took their love life and current relationships to levels they never thought possible. And if you follow the seven steps outlined in the Manifesting Soulmate Love Program, you will too.

Ready to Attract the Love You Want?

The material in this program will open your heart to new love and change the way you see your world. And when you change the way you see and feel about your world, your world changes. Therefore, expect many positive changes not just in the areas of love and relationships, but also in other areas of your life.

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