Applied Heart Intelligence

Deep, Heart-Centered, Transformational Group Learning Programs facilitated by Gabriel Gonsalves

Applied Heart Intelligence

The Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence is an online portal for people who want to live in greater alignment with their core values, highest purpose, and the deepest desires of their hearts.

Through group learning programs, online courses, and live seminars, participants learn a wholehearted approach to personal and spiritual growth, leadership development, emotional self-mastery, and conscious relationship building.

What Makes Our Programs Different?

While most transformational programs focus on the mental and psychological aspects that drive human behavior, our programs also explore the roles that emotions and energetic fields play in human transformation. 

Our goal is to help you integrate the emotional/intuitive intelligence of the heart with the rational intelligence of the mind so that you can live your life from a greater vantage point.

Our Core Learning Programs

We currently offer the following three group learning programs:

  • Living from the Heart. Our introductory level program for individuals who desire to learn how to follow their hearts so that they can create a life that is in greater alignment with their core values, life purpose, and deepest heart desires. 
  • Emotional Self-Mastery: Our intermediate level program for people who, in addition to the above, also wish to understand and manage their emotions so that they can respond to life from a place of compassion and enjoy more satisfying interpersonal relationships.
  • The Heart Leader, Our advanced level certified training in Heart Intelligence Coaching and Heart Leadership for individuals who desire to build a conscious, heart-centered business that allows them to express their life purpose while making an impact in the lives of others.

All programs are delivered online via our Virtual Classroom platform and include access to several online courses and a private community group where you can connect with other participants.

Online Courses

We also offer several stand-alone courses that you can follow at your own pace from the privacy of your own home. Course topics include Heart-Centered Living, Manifesting from the Heart, Compassionate Communication, Emotional Healing, Emotional Self-Mastery, and the Path of Personal Christhood.

Member Resources

When you join the academy, you'll receive instant access to a library of resources that will support you along your path of heart-centered transformation and growth. These resources include a library of articles, webinars, interviews, audio podcasts, and guided meditations. You can also join one of our special interest groups, each built around a particular topic or theme. 

How to Join the Academy

At this moment, joining the Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence is free of charge. To join, click where it says, "Request to Join" and follow the instructions. Once your membership is approved by one of our staff members, you'll receive a confirmation email and will be directed to our 'Welcome Page'. Please read this page carefully as it includes important information that will help you get the most from our learning portal. 

We look forward to supporting you along your path of heart-centered personal transformation and spiritual growth!  

Gabriel Gonsalves and the Team at
The Academy for Applied Heart Intelligence

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