NEW Course starting August 11, 2016

Hi, I'm Gabriel Gonsalves,

The Sufi poet Rumi once said that when it comes to finding love, our "task is not to seek love, but merely to find all the barriers within ourselves that we have built against it.

With this in mind, I'd like to invite me to join me on a 4-week course where you will learn how to attract and create a Soulmate relationship the heart-centered way.

Why the heart?

Simply, because your heart holds the key to increasing your energetic love frequency and helping you attract or draw towards you the kind of relationship that your heart is deeply longing for.

The Hearts's Electro-Magnetic Field

You’ll Love this Course if…

  • You’re tired of feeling lonely and not knowing how to go about attracting your ideal partner, lover or soulmate
  • You’re struggling to let go of a past relationship after breakup or divorce
  • You feel your heart is closed and you struggle to let others in
  • You’re ready to open your heart and and literally become a Love Magnet
  • You want a roadmap that will help you navigate the journey towards your Soulmate

What is The Path to Soulmate Love?

The Path to Soulmate Love is the transformational journey you embark on when you make the decision to love, honor and respect yourself enough to stop settling for less, and courageously go after the kind of romantic relationship your heart is deeply longing for.

As a result of going on this journey, you'll attract into your life someone who is the perfect recipient of your love, and represents a higher level of relating to yourself and the world. What makes this person your 'Soulmate' is that he/she chooses to join you in co-creating a Soulmate Level Relationship or a romantic relationship with a spiritual basis.


Here's What You Will Learn:

The Path to Soulmate Love is designed to guide you through the four main stages of the journey towards soulmate love: attract, welcome, create, and enjoy.

  • MODULE 1: Attract the Love you want

    In this first module, you’ll create the energetic blueprint or vision for the kind of relationship you’ll like to create and you’ll learn how to increase your personal magnetism to draw this relationship towards you.

  • MODULE 2: Welcome New Love Into Your Life

    In this second module, you’ll learn how to remain in a state of receptivity by letting go of all those mental and emotional blocks that keep you from welcoming someone new or sabotaging an existing relationship.

  • MODULE 3: Create an Amazing Relationship

    In this third module, you’ll learn proven strategies to deepen the connection with your new partner, and you’ll develop a new set of skills that will allow you to start creating a deeply satisfying relationship that meets your needs.

  • MODULE 4: Enjoy Soulmate Love

    In this last module, you’ll learn how to use your new relationship to advance your personal development and spiritual growth. You’ll also learn how to create a shared vision that will keep you inspired for years to come.

  • Lu Chase
    At first, I was a bit skeptical about doing this work. Gabriel emphasized the inner work over the external work, and being an entertainment business myself I kept thinking it was all about doing, doing, doing. But it was when I started ‘being’ love, that’s when Xavier walked into my life."
    Lu Chase
  • Rene Nel
    With Gabriel's help I was able to move past the blockages that were keeping me stuck and with a closed heart. Once I started doing this work, and I got clear about what I truly wanted, then my one finally showed up."
    Rene Nel
  • Linney Elder
    What an amazingly heartfelt seminar! I feel empowered to my highest expression and can't remember ever feeling this much love! It feels great to finally be on the path towards the kind of love I had been denying myself. Thank you!"
    Linney Elder

By Participating in this Course you will...

  • Feel more confident and optimistic about your love life
  • Feel more comfortable being the 'real' you when meeting new people
  • Feel more connected to yourself and others in your life
  • Feel more loving and accepting regardless of the external circumstances 
  • Feel as if you're now being guided by a Higher intelligence or sense of direction

More importantly, you'll be well on your way towards attracting and creating a romantic relationship that is unlike any relationship you've ever had: a Soulmate Level relationship! 

Course Details

The course will be delivered online via webinars, video lessons, downloadable audios, worksheets and quizzes.  You’ll also be able to connect with other participants of the course through a private members area.

When Will It Start?

The course starts on Thursday, August 11th, 2016 at 6pm South Africa SAST (9am US Pacific, 12pm Eastern, 5pm London, 2am Sydney - next day) It will run for four (4) consecutive Thursdays. 

Where and How Will the Sessions Take Place?

Online via Web Conference. All audio and video lessons will be available online at the Academy's website and available to view at any time from the comfort of your computer or smart phone.

Are There Any Pre-Requisites?

None. This course is open to all. Currently, the course is limited to 25 participants.

How Much Will It Cost?

Because this is a new course and your feedback will be important in helping me create an experience that truly delivers great value, instead of charging the full price of $398, I am offering a Super Early Bird Discount of only US $198 if you register before July 31st.  

Are There Any Special Bonuses?

Yes, the 10 first people to register for the course will also receive one individual coaching session with Gabriel Gonsalves. (as of 22/7/2016 there's only 5 of these spots left)

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, the course comes with a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied with the materials, we will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

The Path to Soulmate Love

An Opportunity to Transform your Life

The materials in this course draw from my rigorous scientific, philosophical, and spiritual studies in the field of Heart Intelligence as well as my experience coaching, mentoring and counseling thousands of people around issues of the heart these past 8 years.

The processes, tools, and techniques you'll be learning in this course will change the way you see your world. And when you change the way you see and feel about your world, your world changes. Therefore, expect many positive changes not just in the areas of personal relationships, but also in professional life.

I look forward to supporting you along the journey towards the arms of your Soulmate!



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About Your Teacher

Gabriel Gonsalves is a coach, writer, entrepreneur, artist and an avid explorer of "The Path of the Heart". He is a leading expert in Heart Intelligence Coaching, a path to personal development that is heart centered, integral, results oriented, and deeply transformational. 

Gabriel is the founder of Heart'n Mind Consulting, where he helps people create an amazing life, using the intelligence and power of their hearts. This includes having deeper, more loving relationships, experiencing greater health and wellbeing, while building a thriving, heart centered business that allows you to fully express yourself and have ample income to do what you love. 

You can learn more about Gabriel at his website: